Wyoming Coach Dave Christensen loses his cool on Air Force Coach Troy Calhoun on Military Appreciation Night in Wyoming. Alot of swearing in this one FYI...

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duggieblue141 months
And he was suspended one game and fined $50,000 by Wyoming.
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bwallcubfan141 months
"go get into your f'n press conference fly boy"

I've got to admit...I lold at this...he may have been wrong but that was awesome.
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N.O. via West-Cal141 months
I would title this "Wyoming Coach Makes Complete Fool of Himself." I don't see where the AF coach did anything wrong, at least not in this exchange. Even if AF took a little extra time on the helmet thing, who cares? That kind of thing goes on all the time and any extra time gained by the O is also gained by the D. Embarrassing.
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Mr. Hangover141 months
whats he say at the end?? go get in your ___________ _____ _____ ____ _____

couldn't make it out
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Tigah in the ATL141 months
What does slay mean exactly? I would think you need something more cutting than the curse words a 13 year-old could come up with.
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Dtrain706141 months
From ESPN:
LARAMIE, Wyo. -- Air Force backup quarterback Kale Pearson took just one snap against Wyoming, but it turned out to be the biggest and most controversial of the game.

Pearson scored on a 5-yard bootleg in the fourth quarter, lifting the Falcons over the Cowboys 28-27 Saturday night.

"The hardest part right there is just getting the snap," Pearson said. "Coming in, first play, you got your nerves goin', but actually I did my job, and I knew everybody else would do theirs."

Connor Dietz, who left the game for one play because of an injury, passed for 141 yards and two touchdowns for the Falcons (3-3, 2-1 Mountain West). Dietz rushed for 92 yards.

Wyoming coach Dave Christensen was visibly upset with Falcons coach Troy Calhoun after the game.

Christensen later questioned whether Dietz was injured, noting the quarterback walked about 20 yards before taking a knee near the Falcons sideline. He said the several minutes that trainers attended to Dietz gave Air Force time to strategize the next play.

"There was nothing wrong with that player, except that his helmet came off," Christensen said. "And I have a real problem with that."

About eight minutes remained in the game, and the Falcons had all three timeouts remaining.

Before Pearson entered, the referee announced that Dietz, by rule, had to leave the game because his helmet came off.

"In this game we're supposed to be ethical, and that's not ethical," Christensen said. "I don't know what they teach at Air Force, but I'm not going to teach that to my kids. I want my guys to get off the field when they're hurt, and we don't want to stop the game."

Link: LINK
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euquol141 months
In his defense, if the best job I could get was the head coach at Wyoming I would be a little cranky too.
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Spaulding Smails141 months
You stay classy, Wyoming
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Swamp Angel141 months
Not much of a vocabulary there. Apparently he hasn't the intellect for it.
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Gumbo1141 months
Christenson should change his name to Dumbasson. What a classless show of a head coach. He and the Wyoming AD should get fired.

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BRUNNIN4141 months
I thought Calhoun handled it about as well as he could have. Why incite a situation that both men would have regretted later? Christensen did look absolutely classless and should face repercussions.
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Scabby4LSU141 months
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UKWildcatsFAN141 months
what made him so mad?
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Moustache141 months
Awesome! I don't know what happened, but neither coach looked good in this. Troy looked like a pussy and the Wyo coach looked like a major a-hole.
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diddydirtyAubie141 months
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