This is hilarious and I'm surprise it hasn't happened before. Someone set off the fireworks aisle in a Walmart in Phoenix. Those Arizonians, always taking it one step too far...

Per CW33...

The three men could face up to a class two felony, just below a murder charge.

“A prison sentence for this could be 20 years plus the fines that go on top of it,” “It can absolutely ruin someone’s life.”
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lsu48095 months
My bad
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skullopener95 months
i saw them in walmart 2 days ago....big mistake. There are some real retarded people out there that think this is a game.
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Taffeta95 months
The end cap full of lighter fluid. RIP
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gumbeaux95 months
Why is this hilarious Larry?
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Walt OReilly95 months
That's fricked up
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Black n Gold95 months
Since when does Walmart sell fireworks?
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Woverw95 months
You sure this didn't happen in Floriduh?
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Patrick_Bateman95 months
As long as the men who did this are teenagers who work and sweat, they should be good. Charges will not be filed. Oh wait, Phoenix, not Monroe.
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CCTider95 months
Lol. Somebody is saltier than country ham.
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