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CocoLoco136 months
I would let her pee on me, and I am not into that stuff. It's weird.
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Tiger inTampa136 months
Can I combine the 2 and get her with the cuffs from the cop and the whip from the Lion tamer? Yes Ms. Gretsky, I've been a bad Tiger....
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Sid in Lakeshore136 months
Larry, your blogs are getting better and better....:thup:
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HeadSlash136 months
I would comply with her orders
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tadelatt136 months
GOD told the world to GFY when he made Paulina Gretzky.
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YMCA136 months
I would willingly let her take me in for assaulting an officer.
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skinny domino136 months
I hope she rings my door bell wed nite.
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Ash Williams136 months
she gives me a GREAT bONEr

get it...
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SaintLSUnAtl136 months
Yes please
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