New England Black Wolves enforcer Bill O'Brien and his ponytail decided do defend the honor of his Lacrosse team by lighting up one of his opponents with many uppercuts...

Are fights a normal thing in lacrosse? The ref doesn't seem to get involved right away.
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el duderino III108 months
today i learned that there is such a thing as professional lacrosse.
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TorontoTigerFan108 months
Fighting is allowed in box lacrosse, although many would like to see it eliminated.

If you enjoy lacrosse fights do a YouTube search for Rory Smith or Geoff Snider. Two great lacrosse tough guys
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jscrims109 months
Pretty sure New England is in the United States. There are several NLL teams in the US. Box lacross is very similar to hockey and they let the players fight until they hit the ground.
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MadeItThisFar109 months
This is box lacrosse, it's not the variety played in the United States. It's usually in Canada.
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