Check out this weird play during the Korean Baseball Organization where the pitcher attempted to peg the baserunner with the ball after realizing his shortstop and second baseman were nowhere to be found...
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That's one way to keep him on base.
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Placebeaux94 months
Must have flipped a bat
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Rakim94 months
How about a pea in your ear?
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Woverw94 months
Darn . . . no kung-foo fighting.
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TT994 months
Coached by Win wan Sun.
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jwall394 months
The real question is why isn't he standing on third staring at the pitcher?
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Chicken94 months
It worked
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GoT1de94 months
Why was the bench clearing brawl deleted? The pitcher shamed the runners ancestors... His teammates didn't just let him get away with it, did they?
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Walt OReilly94 months
Why didn't he advance to third?
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surgicalvenom94 months
he had to throw the ball because he pivoted with his foot on the rubber or it's a balk. No one was covering so he threw at the runner, it's the only way to keep him from advancing. Smart.
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Pectus94 months
Wait, we're not playing redhots?
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bamafan100194 months
he didnt have to throw the ball.
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