Stephen A. Smith was challenged to do 20 push-ups by Chris "Mad Dog" Russo on yesterday's episode of First Take...
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GeauxTigers010711 months
Of course the chick has to run over and insert herself into it. Then proceeds to do not one single legit pushup like Steven A did.
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Doug_H11 months
Stephen A did much better than I thought, but yea Molly did ZERO
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VictoryTiger11 months
At least it gave Dan the opportunity to earn his monthly simp bonus in the first week of August.
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Skinny11 months
Qerim feet time!
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ConfusedHawgInMO11 months
She fine as frog hair so she gets a pass.
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TigerCoon11 months
go all the way down, sissy
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elposter11 months
So the woman didn't do a single push up despite her eagerness to show how she could do it. Steven A's push-ups were fine. But beyond all that, why was everyone on set acting like doing 20 push ups was some sort of incredible feat? The woman and Steven A are in decent shape. Most non-obese people under 70 (particularly men) can do this pretty easily even if they don't really work out.
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TigerCard11 months
I'm 72 and did 95 this morning in sets of 35, 30 and 30. If you start with, say, 15 or 20 every day and then add 5 each week, you'll be surprised how quickly you can build up your reps.
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