WWE legend Bret The Hitman Hart out here sinking beer pong shots like the WWE legend he is with his son and his friends...
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Leopold46 months
Legend. Glad to see him with some family and a crowd giving him some respect.
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LSUsince7446 months
Jesus the guy screaming wow should be edited
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CodyPasbons46 months
When it comes to beer pong he is the best there is, the best there was, and the best that there ever will be.
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slappa da bass46 months
I have so many questions: 1. I see the ball in the cup but does anyone else think he missed? 2. How old is the loser screaming? 3. Did he say “Litman”?
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Gator522046 months
At this point your mistakes are intentional. It’s your schtick.
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Jackie Chan46 months
Beer Bong
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fr33manator46 months
That’s not how you play beer bong
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