Erin Andrews Win Peephole Lawsuit, Awarded $55 Million
The Tennessean-USA TODAY Sports
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Erin Andrews was awarded $55 million on Monday in her lawsuit against a stalker who bought a hotel room next to her and secretly recorded a nude video, finding that the hotel companies and the stalker shared in the blame. Per AP Sports...

After a full day of deliberations, the panel said the stalker was responsible for 51 percent of the verdict and the two hotel companies should share the rest, which is nearly $27 million.

Andrews, a Fox Sports reporter and co-host of the TV show "Dancing with the Stars," wept as jurors announced the verdict. She hugged her attorneys, family and several jurors after the verdict was read. She appeared to sign an autograph for at least one juror.

The jury heard directly from Andrews, who testified that she was humiliated, shamed and suffers from depression as a result of the video, which has been viewed by millions of people online. She had asked for $75 million.

She then posted this message...
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Roses of Crimson96 months
55 mill? seriously. If she was joe Schmoe this is 500 bucks in damages. People have won civil lawsuits where murder was involved and not got 55 mill. Yea, it was wrong to be a peeping Tom but good grief, If she's not Erin Andrews she gets a few hundred bucks and he gets 30 days in city jail.
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atltiger648796 months
hell, the whole thing dramatically increased her visibility (no pun intended) and probably helped her career. Besides, I watched one of the videos and didn't see a whole lot. Yes, what the stalker did was wrong, very wrong, but not $55 million wrong
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Phat Phil96 months
$55 million lawsuit? 'Merica
user avatar
BadAgg796 months
what the hell did the hotel do wrong? how is this somehow worth 55 mill?
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Asharad96 months
Datbayoubengal, the penalty was not strong enough. The stalker needs to be executed.
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dred2496 months
Lets all celebrate and watch the video.
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Datbayoubengal96 months
Really 55 million? I mean what he did to her was very bad, but still, 55 million??? Seems like she cared more about the money than anything else. I mean she's aging eye candy for sports so she won't be banking much from that much longer.
user avatar
Kankles96 months
Larry, are you setting up a gofundme for your 51%?
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