This snowmobiler had a failed flip attempt that went extremely wrong and ended up with him trapped under his snowmobile. Warning language NSFW...

This dude is from BC Canada, he broke his hip really bad from this, was an hours ride away from the nearest road/parking lot, had to ride his sled the whole way himself with a shattered leg, thru the mountains & managed to make it to a parking lot where an ambulance was waiting for him.
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UltimateHog16 months
Lucky to be alive. Crushed hip us much better than a crushed chest and dead.
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bengalman16 months
Definitely stuck the landing
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Catahoula20LSU16 months
What an idiot!
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GeauxTigers010716 months
If at first you don't succeed, maybe backflipping a snowmobile isn't for you
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The Torch16 months
I did that on a Honda 3-wheeler once on dirt.

Ended up in ER with a bruised esophagus
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blueboy16 months
Who is filming this?
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