Belgian Cyclist Wouter Weylandt has died in a crash in the third stage of the Giro d'Italia race today. The 26-year old cyclist fell riding at high speeds only 12.4 miles from the finish line.
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usc6158154 months
The most amazing part of this is that there hasn't been a death in a grand tour in over 15 years.

The Giro is going to have to scale back though. The course layout has gotten out of control and there has been major safety concerns in the past.
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Tiger Ryno154 months
some of the speeds at which these guys descend is outright lunacy. I get shaky descending over an overpass at 32mph and I'm riding the breaks down.
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Swagga154 months
How fast are these guys actually going? Ive never really realized the speeds got so fast.
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DawgyDog154 months
My fat out of shape arse has gotten over 45 on my Cervelo on a big hill. Those pros get way over that.

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The Mick154 months
Sorry to hear this. Surprised it doesnt happen more often tbh, crazy speeds..
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nativetiger154 months
that's awful
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