This is weird one. I thought it was real. Then I thought it was fake. Now I think maybe real again...I don't know! But watch this bro bodybuilder get put to sleep by this lovely young lady who is also a Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt...

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he literally put up no fight against her. Wrestling is more real than this.
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It may be fake.....but about the 1:35 mark, you can see a good sized goose up under dudes left eye.
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The fact that there are multiple camera angles tells you its promotional.
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Clearly fake. No body builder is gonna truly fight someone at a dojo and their first move be a slap and then shooting at a takedown. This was silly. What was this even recorded for? To try and make fun of body builders? They aren't fighters.
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the lady is a purple belt, but she may be a black belt in judo or something else. by the way there are a lot of purple belts that have a higher skill level than what their belt indicates. she appears to have a very solid ground game and had a pretty quick transitions the man, who is an instructor, is at least a 2nd degree black belt. I don't think it was real, meaning this guy came into the gym with a legit beef. I do think he is a student at this dojo though and the instructor lesson was perhaps planned towards this. If it were real I would have assume the bodybuilder would throw a haymaker or overhand and not a slap
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