Florida RB Adarius Lemons Announces He's Transferring 30 Minutes After Loss To Kentucky
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I guess when you know, you know. After Florida's loss to Kentucky on Saturday, it took Gators RB Adarius Lemons a mere thirty minutes to announce he is transferring...
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In the loss to the Wildcats, Lemons didn’t record a carry. He did, however, return two kicks for 47 yards. After rushing for 136 yards in nine games as a true freshman last season, Lemons hadn’t recorded a carry through the Gators’ first two games of 2018 before announcing his departure.
Bye, bye.
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user avatar
bringit321070 months
Aww poor boy
user avatar
lsuhou7470 months
Middle name Zabri???...I wouldn't play him either
user avatar
Datbayoubengal70 months
They have a billion guys who contribute at RB, not everybody is going to be able to carry the ball. I can understand him wanting to transfer, but he's throwing shade harder than a mofo right now.
user avatar
Rebel70 months
Merlins is processing fools.
user avatar
Gumbo170 months
Can't blame him.
user avatar
El Campo Tiger70 months
In b4 small penis.
user avatar
62Tigerfan70 months
That's one sour Lemons.
user avatar
Ripley70 months
Bitter af
user avatar
the paradigm70 months
Western KY lock
user avatar
FaCubeItches70 months
"some of the boys"? Very respectful to his teammates.
user avatar
Philippines4LSU70 months
At least he didn't call anyone monkeys.
user avatar
Strannix70 months
Corch Merlins
user avatar
crescentcity70 months
I guess the game left a sour taste in his mouth.
user avatar
MaroonNation70 months
Obviously not one of Mullen’s favorites.
user avatar
GeeOH70 months
That's mullens for you. Welcome back to hell Fla.
user avatar
AlabamasSalaryCap70 months
what's the point of transferring this early in the season? Now he's going to lose this year of playing and next years.
user avatar
ATLSUfan70 months
He can redshirt this year if he's graduating or redshirt next year at his new school
user avatar
BayouTiga70 months
Wants to send a message to Da Coach!
user avatar
JCinBAMA70 months
Kentucky made his arse quit.
user avatar
km70 months
So he averaged 15 total yards per game rushing last year and he thinks he deserves more carries ?
user avatar
mule7470 months
I don't have a problem with people transferring, but if I was another coach would I really want a guy who quit on his team during the season? No matter how good it is, I would be worried about how he would react if he wasn't the starter for the opener next year. What if he doesn't get the bulk of the carries in a game? Is he going to bad mouth the team and be a cancer?
user avatar
tigahland70 months
lots of shade being thrown there
user avatar
UFMatt70 months
Maybe he can get some playing time at a Junior College or a 1AA school, best of luck! My subtle message back at him. Go Gators!
user avatar
RATeamWannabe70 months
I'm sure he's transferring in search of a frick to give about what you think
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