Nick Saban Names 1 Thing Alabama Football Has Never Done
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More and more teams have given into the "fake injuries" bit as a strategy. During the SEC coaches teleconference Wednesday, Alabama football coach Nick Saban was asked if he had any suggestions on how to curb faking of injuries in games...

"Not really," Saban replied. "It really slows the game down, so it's not probably good for the game. It's not something we've ever done here."

Saban went on to explain that when a team playing fast is mixed with long drives, that leads to defensive players having to exert significant energy while running to the ball. And that can prompt players to grow tired.

"When players get tired they're more susceptible to getting injured probably," Saban said. "And you don't have enough timeouts to call timeout, so I understand why some people do it. We have not done it here. But you still get a 40-second clock on offense."

"There's a lot of good people out there who are above my pay grade," Saban said. "I probably shouldn't even be trying to answer this question."

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There isn't anyone above his pay grade lol.
Reply1 month
sit players for more than one play. if they're that tired, they need to rest more than one play.
Reply1 month
Never done 15-0 either, Nicholas.
Reply1 month
100% Bama used to do this when Gus used to actually go fast.
Reply1 month
No, we did not. I am still pissed we did not do it, I don't understand it all. Players get tired they get hurt, so I have no problem with players faking injuries, you do what you have to do...
1 month
Saban doing his best Fauci before congress impersonation...
Reply1 month
Really???? I can't say if Alabama has ever done this or not. All I know is that Saban was the loudest voice is fighting against the hurry up offense when they first became popular and Bobby Petrino brought that style to the SEC when he was at Arkansas.
Reply1 month
Truth isn't in this prick.
Reply1 month
"It really slows the game down, so it's not probably good for the game." Giant LOL Nick.
Reply1 month
Won without cheating. That is something Bammer has never done.
Reply1 month
Two lies: “never” done it and “a lot” of people above his pay grade.
Reply1 month
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