Nick Saban Has 1 Thing He Wants To See From QB Bryce Young
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It looks like sophomore Bryce Young is expected to become Alabama’s next starting QB.
However, his head coach, Nick Saban, has one thing he wants to see from him...


“I thought Bryce did a pretty good job of managing the game and was accurate with the ball and did a nice job,” Saban said after the scrimmage, per Zenitz. “Made a few explosive plays. But I thought really did a good job of managing the whole situation on offense when he was in there.”
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Saban is probably trying to avoid another situation like he had with Hurts. Saban coached Hurts to never make a mistake or show emotion. This neutered Hurts of his ability to be an emotional leader.
Reply25 days
Saban coaches all of his QBs the same way. That was just Hurts's personality. AJ McCarron, Coker, and Mac Jones were all fiery, emotional leaders on the field. Hopefully Bryce Young can become that guy
19 days
Saban is calling him a "game manager" as a way to motivate this kid.
Reply26 days
Yep! This definitely felt like one of those backhanded compliments. He is basically saying “he did a good job at being above average, but I want to see him be great”
15 days
This kid will make everybody forget about Tua. Trust me on this.
Reply26 days
Hold your horses there, kiddo. As long as their OL continues to be full of five star athletes, their quarterbacks can do whatever the hell they want and look really spectacular even though they may be a spectacular athlete. They have every bit of help they could possibly get with timing to make decisions. The main critique on Tua (in the NFL) was that he had a hard time understanding that you have to “throw your receivers open” and you have half the time to make a decision. He is an elite athlete and by nature just became complacent with the amount of time he was able to stand back in the pocket at Bama.
26 days
Does it matter who is at qb when you have half a quarter to throw on every pass?
Reply26 days
"He did pretty good, but needs to work on _____." That's what you want your coach to say. Not "he's elite and could be the best QB we've ever had, etc."
Reply26 days
What saving told Bryce young to work on was for the locker room only, I assure you it was NSFW.
26 days
26 days
Manage the game gets a knock but people don't understand what he saying. U still make plays, u just don't make negative plays. U see the D is strong to a side u change it to the opposite side. If the 1st read is not open, look at the 2nd, if not open check it down or run it and get 3 yds. Don't just heave it up. End the drive with a kick. The biggest knock on Tua was he didn't give up on a play and would lead to turnovers. He's still doing that with the dolphins. Reading between the lines Bryce hasn't grasped "playing qb" yet. Don't force the game. Let it come to u.
Reply26 days
Why don’t we just call this site elephantdroppings?? The Alabama suck fest is getting very old.
Reply26 days
1 win out of 10 is documented for you
26 days
Larry Leo suck at running this part of the site.
26 days
You sound like you are jealous because you have a vag!
26 days
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