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Anyone seen any credible polls yet re: who won debate?

by RedStickBR
RedStickBR 99/26 10:23 pm

Best line of the night " we are in a bubble"

by jb4
jb4 39/26 10:22 pm

Was on the fence, now solid TRUMP

by cokebottleag
cokebottleag 169/26 10:22 pm

I'll reserve judgment until Scott Adams weighs in on The Great Persuader's

by 90proofprofessional
90proofprofessional 89/26 10:22 pm

Should Trump just go ahead and release his tax returns?

by hsfolk
hsfolk 199/26 10:22 pm

Hillary just unloaded every bullet she had at Trump

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by ChexMix
ChexMix 239/26 10:21 pm

So did Trump support the war in Iraq or what?

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by The Egg
The Egg 229/26 10:21 pm

No one wants a sick old grandma as president

by Rhino5
Rhino5 99/26 10:21 pm

Can I get a bank reference?

by Porker Face
Porker Face 09/26 10:20 pm
Porker Face

Drudge poll: MAGA 90% rotten 10%

by Covingtontiger77
Covingtontiger77 69/26 10:19 pm

Holier Than Thou Threw The Kitchen Sink

by Knight of Old
Knight of Old 09/26 10:18 pm
Knight of Old

What a disaster

by Jon Ham
Jon Ham 129/26 10:18 pm

I was leaning Clinton, but now I'm not sure

by Curly
Curly29/26 10:17 pm

CNN in full spin mode

by CoachChappy
CoachChappy 179/26 10:17 pm
Seldom Seen

Microsoft Bing debate poll: Trump 55 Clinton 37

by RidiculousHype
RidiculousHype 139/26 10:16 pm
Twenty 49

4 moderator questions targeted at Trump scandals. Zero directed at Hillary

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by Monticello
Monticello 229/26 10:15 pm
Funky Tide 8

Lester Holt is a Republican

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by Draconian Sanctions
Draconian Sanctions 299/26 10:15 pm

She defended Nafta, she just lost the Mid west..

by bamalee
bamalee 99/26 10:14 pm

Trump had his chances, he knew it, he saved them.

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by TiptonInSC
TiptonInSC 209/26 10:14 pm
Broseph Barksdale

Hillary reviewed questions before the debate

by Bow08tie
Bow08tie 179/26 10:14 pm

Small psychological note

by Ingeniero
Ingeniero 39/26 10:13 pm

How terrible was the camera angle tonight?

by Jtigers99
Jtigers99 69/26 10:12 pm

PT poll Who Won?

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by BigJim
BigJim 409/26 10:12 pm

Trump Will Skip the Debates. No Question

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by BamaAtl
BamaAtl 1149/26 10:11 pm
Old Hellen Yeller

Trump called Rosie O'Donnell a pig

by baybeefeetz
baybeefeetz 159/26 10:11 pm

If I am Conway and Bannon I tell Trump tonight..

by Magician2
Magician2159/26 10:11 pm
Porker Face

Howard Dean tweet on debate.

LSU1NSEC 189/26 10:10 pm

All the issues facing the country, and Holt starts in on the birther issue

by PatDyesPants
PatDyesPants 149/26 10:10 pm

Moderator was clearly biased.

by ItTakesAThief
ItTakesAThief 49/26 10:10 pm

Liberals on PT out in full force. (Sorry Trump won)

by pwejr88
pwejr88 49/26 10:09 pm
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