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re: CNNSI at it again.... - mcamdenjr55
I have no idea why anyone cares how it reflects on the team. It was marijuana. It was not domestic violence, rape, robbery, theft, murder.... Additionally, they are Former players. It probably did happen while they were on the team and there probably are plenty of players on the team now that ...
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re: Les is smarter than you'll ever be and here's why... - mcamdenjr55
I guess that is what he is saying. However, our defense will continue to be good with our DC. How about you tweak the offensive scheme, and we would actually win games like Bama does. In dominant fashion, not in close games that go late in the 4th quarter... Good thought I guess......
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re: Let's see if we can reach some kind of consensus on the O. - mcamdenjr55
We have a much bigger problem than a few coaches. We only recruit a minimal number of above average offensive lineman. When you have to keep an extra tight end or a RB in to block, it simplifies the strategy of the defense and shows the talent you have up front. By using extra blockers, it is...
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Vince Young - Retirement Fund - mcamdenjr55
I find it unbelievable that the UT fans started a retirement fund for a former player that blew millions in his short-nfl career. I believe that he VY will receive his pension for being on a team for so many consecutive years. ...
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