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re: Gulf Coast Beach Condo rental rates

Posted by M4LSU on 4/15/24 at 12:43 pm
We have stayed away from the Gulf Coast due to the high prices and going to the Caribbean for the last few years because of the price. We use airline miles for the flights and have been staying at all-inclusive. By the time you factor in gas, meals, etc. traveling, the flights aren't much more even ...

re: 2023-2024 Ski Thread

Posted by M4LSU on 2/6/24 at 10:17 am
Went to Purgatory a couple of weeks ago and very minimal snow compared to previous years. Going to Keystone on Saturday and not much snow in the forecast for the upcoming weeks. Has anyone been lately that can provide a real snow conditions report? It will be a good trip regardless but just ...

re: Baseball Gamechanger and GoPro Camera

Posted by M4LSU on 9/18/23 at 11:18 am
I'm not looking for that level of detail. We already have access to other video training with the club. I was just wondering if it worked fine with GameChanger to stream games and stuff. ...

Baseball Gamechanger and GoPro Camera

Posted by M4LSU on 9/18/23 at 11:08 am
My kids are playing more baseball/softball and I am thinking about getting a camera to record instead of having to constantly hold the phone up. I would rather have a GoPro since I could use it more than the Mevo for other things like skiing and fishing. Does anyone use a GoPro with GameChanger that...

re: Flying United / Seat Choices

Posted by M4LSU on 7/28/23 at 3:57 pm
United sucks with all the pre-boarding they do. What I learned to get a group 3 boarding is to get a window seat. They were making people in group 4 check carryons the other day. So if you have a late boarding group you might want to pay the extra to get a window seat and a higher boarding group. ...

re: Belize

Posted by M4LSU on 7/11/23 at 12:20 pm
I'm leaving this Saturday for a week. I'll send a post when we get back. Check page 2. I just make a post on this and read HoustonGumbeauxGuy post. He has lots of good info. ...

re: TSA Pre Check Question

Posted by M4LSU on 7/10/23 at 8:00 am
Just a heads up if this is your first time using your TSA pre-check number, make sure it is uploaded to your airline account before checking into your flight. If not, they will have to "un-check" you in and it is a mess. And if you're flying Southwest, you lose whatever boarding number you had and i...

re: Ambergris Caye Excursions Belize

Posted by M4LSU on 7/7/23 at 3:39 pm
That's not a big deal if not. Thanks for the heads up. ...

re: Ambergris Caye Excursions Belize

Posted by M4LSU on 7/7/23 at 3:38 pm
I've been talking with Clem. I got his name from one of your older post. He said lobster fishing is a full day but seems long for an 8-hour day. Did you do snorkeling and lobster fishing all in one day? ...

Ambergris Caye Excursions Belize

Posted by M4LSU on 7/7/23 at 11:16 am
Going to Ambergris Caye next week with a group of friends. I've read a lot of the reviews on this board but wanted to get some input on excursions that we should do or stay away from. We are thinking of doing 1-day lobster fishing/diving, 1-day snorkeling, and 1 day going to the mainland for the...

re: Epic Pass demystified

Posted by M4LSU on 4/10/23 at 1:34 pm
We use it every year. We don’t get the blackout dates. They list the days ahead of time so you know. Mardi Gras and Presidents’ Day was the same week but the blackout days were the Sat and Sun before President day. So we arrived on the Sunday and skied the rest of the week with no issues. You ju...


Posted by M4LSU on 10/21/22 at 11:07 pm

re: 2022-2023 Ski Thread

Posted by M4LSU on 9/29/22 at 3:44 pm
What are some more things to do on off-days in Breckenridge? Have 4 young kids in our group and would like to do something to keep everyone entertained. ...

re: 2022-2023 Ski Thread

Posted by M4LSU on 9/28/22 at 12:51 pm
Sweet. We are going to Breck Feb 18-26. Kids are taking ski school at peak 8. Have the Epic passes but didn't do the blackout days so will spend sat night in Denver and head to Breck on Sunday to ski the week. Any good tubing places anyone recommends?...

re: Kid friendly all inclusive

Posted by M4LSU on 9/26/22 at 10:18 am
We went to Coconut Bay resort in St. Lucia with young kids. 3 & 6. The resort was nice but you would probably have to get adjoining rooms. I really liked St. Lucia. The only downside was the resort was on the Atlantic side so a lot of seaweed. Going forward, I'll always try to find somewhere on the ...

re: Seaside - 30A

Posted by M4LSU on 2/23/22 at 2:11 pm
You can drive golf carts all around the different communities and to the beach if you have a house not on the beach? ...

re: Steamboat Springs, CO

Posted by M4LSU on 2/21/22 at 10:21 am
Yes, clothing-optional after dark. It's also a much further drive. We went to Old Town Hot Springs. It's a very short drive located right as you get downtown. Multiple pools and wasn't ever overly crowded. Saddleback Ranch for tubing is a good time. Just look at the schedule before because they ...

re: Can the gameday atmosphere be fixed?

Posted by M4LSU on 10/4/21 at 12:58 pm
I agree with this post. The RV lot was practically empty. Not many big tailgates going on. A lot of the big corporate tailgates that draw a lot of people aren't happening. I'm sure the cause is multiple factors like the oilfield being down the last several years and the pandemic dragging on. But a l...

re: Removing a security tag?

Posted by M4LSU on 9/10/21 at 3:39 pm
Bang it on the ground. They will come apart. ...
I would do Sept/ Oct in Grand Isle. All the fishing you want inshore or offshore. Grand Isle is the most complete beach town in Southern LA. When you're not fishing there are several marinas with full bars, plenty of restaurants, the beach, full grocery store. Late in the summer, the trout fishing i...