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re: What is the Teacher's Union and Together Baton Rouge's point attacking Exxon - ttassin
All that money goes to the general fund! Then millions more go to city and parish! You can't take more than that pal....
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re: Baton Rouge Officer that shot Alton Sterling fired for excessive force - ttassin
He didn't "Believe" he had a gun! He "knew" he had a gun! That's why the cops were called there. Sterling put s gun to s mans head and threatened him moments earlier! How's does this fact keep getting glazed over?...
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Millers Lake - ttassin
I'm going to millers lake in ville plate next week. Hoping to catch sac a lait! Any advice from someone familiar with the lake is appreciated. Bait? Where to fish in lake?...
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Sac a lait fishing - ttassin
I'm looking for any advice on fresh water fishing in the Tensas bayou, Bayou sorrel and Bayou Pigeon areas. what launches to use and what areas should I fish for best results? I've been a salt water guy for years and want to learn some fall/winter spots close to home....
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