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re: Skenes + or minus

Posted by Highdrater on 5/6/23 at 6:39 am
Degrom all day. Flicks his wrist and the pitch is 98mph. ...

re: Skenes is 100% That Dude

Posted by Highdrater on 2/19/23 at 9:46 pm
Dude looks more like degrom than anyone I've seen in college ...
Only use tempo when it is obvious that their defensive package was wrong before substitutions. Use the run game at 4.5 ypc to wear down their defense. Then make them bite on the slant and go then see ya...
Most confident I have been since our last w. One thing alabama fans seem to forget is we dominated in the 2000s and even had a streak of 5-6 in a row at some point. Why no mention ever? Honest opinion of alabama is they are very good. Better than we have seen all year most likely. Auburn's defensiv...
Peterson has all the makeup to be awesome. Fastball just too flat, doesn't locate his pitches, and his staring down opposing dugouts after the 3rd out like hes 2017 Hess. Oh but before that out he gives up a 2-3 run bomb. ...

re: Best LSU Comeback Ever !! ??

Posted by Highdrater on 5/3/19 at 10:38 am
2008 against Troy was awesome to witness even though it was cold and at 25% capacity. This wasn't as big of a comeback, the 10 point deficit 2007 against tebow made my life. Hester the living legend. ...