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Tennis legend Boris Becker was just sentenced to 2.5 years in prison after being convicted last month on charges he moved a large sum of money after declaring bankruptcy in an effort to hide the funds. Whoa, dude...

As we previously reported, 54-year-old Becker -- a 6-time Grand Slam winner -- was convicted by a jury earlier this month on multiple charges under the Insolvency Act in Britain ... including charges he concealed assets and debts.

Becker was also found guilty of transferring hundreds of thousands of dollars (well, pounds) from his business account to other accounts after declaring bankruptcy in 2017.

The judge who handed down the sentence said the former #1 ranked tennis player will have to serve half of his sentence, according to CNN.

And, it could've been much worse for Becker ... who was facing up to 7 years behind bars after his conviction.
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TNoon22 months
What about Hunter and the big guy?
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lsuson22 months
We can only wish both douche bags will go to prison
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TouchdownTony22 months
Thought he was gonna be the best ever back in 85. Then you started to hear “stories”
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biglego22 months
Well what are you talking about
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HubbaBubba22 months
Check out Andre Agassi in comparison. Those two has some incredible duels for a five year period of time. LINK
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Tiger in Texas22 months
Has always had 'head case' issues...
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Cenlabration22 months
That's a rough 54
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Music_City_Tiger22 months
Where is tennis played? THE SUN frickS YOUR SKIN UP!
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