This makes complete sense, no?
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TNTigerman22 days
He would sink with all that around his neck.

But Tommy Tanks is a disciple, apparently.
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Clark1423 days
I hope he ain’t coaching them, they’ll drown..
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Privateer 200723 days
I love this.
No bitching.
No demanding someone else pay.
He put up some $$.
Got publicity.
Win win.
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cajunmud23 days
Pfft...back in my day I used to tread water 10 miles to school way!
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atltiger648723 days
I think we've identified the women's sport I'd like to watch even less than basketball. I mean, good for the women that participate and I hope LSU wins, but water polo (men or women) is impossible to watch, from the very little I've seen during the Olympics.
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SomeLSUguy22 days
Water Polo is a fascinating sport... The hard part is it is the only sport that the whistle does not stop play, so there is no reset and regroup. It is fluid and continuous. It is EXTREMELY physical underwater, which people do not get to see because every time they cut to the underwater camera, a boob or snatch fur pops out. The mens game is obviously faster and more physical - the sport is literally swimming, wrestling, basketball, soccer, and lacrosse wrapped into one...
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Tasseo23 days
Well it's gonna get better with the trannies coming up the ranks
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chinhoyang23 days
good for him
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