A Decision Has Been Made On The 2020 Summer Olympics
John David Mercer-USA TODAY Sports
You knew it was coming, however I didn't know it was coming from someone named Dick Pound...
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Pahnew52 months
The pick up line is by introducing yourself
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YMCA52 months
Ida likterbox isn’t going to be happy.
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TheWalrus52 months
My dick is only 15 ounces
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Fightin Okra52 months
Is he B. T. Meoff’s cousin?
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El Mattadorr52 months
Mike Hunt would like a word.
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JDMMonroeTiger52 months
Dick Pound is just that, a dick. I believe he is the only person to get arrested for jaywalking in Atlanta in the last 50 years, because he tried to intimidate the cop who arrested him because of his position with the olympics. I stand corrected, it was his wife.
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Mr. Hangover52 months
What a strange comment lol
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JackieTreehorn52 months
Barry McCockiner was unable to be reached for comment.
user avatar
Box Geauxrilla52 months
"Dick Pound" wat
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