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A Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office homicide sergeant has been arrested after he punched a referee in the face during a children’s soccer game...

“We never relish arresting an employee of this agency. However, our collective belief in transparency, openness and accountability outweighs any personal allegiance,” Waters said. “We are a society of laws, and no one is above those laws.”

Waters said that, according to their investigation, Russell was at a youth soccer game Sunday morning in plain clothes and off duty. When a fight broke out between some of the players, the referees attempted to break it up and were blowing their whistles repeatedly, Waters said.

Russell then went onto the field and punched one of the refs in the face, knocking the whistle out of his mouth, Waters said.

“It’s really confusing to me,” Waters said when asked why Russell might have punched the referee. “It’s disappointing.”

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cajunmud11 months
Bringing work home with him! So used to abusing innocents on the job he forgot where he was.
user avatar
stniaSxuaeG11 months
The referee was clearly resisting.
user avatar
brass2mouth11 months
Maybe he meant to hit a kid and missed?
user avatar
Corso11 months
Parents that assault referees and umpires all need 6 months in county. Maybe that'll stop some of these bro phags who get tough at damn tee ball games
user avatar
JackieTreehorn11 months
People who take children’s sports that seriously need to be flogged.
user avatar
TheWalrus11 months
Must have been a really bad call
user avatar
WillieD11 months
Read the article
user avatar
financetiger3811 months
Or the guy was a complete unhinged dipshit, like most parents that come unglued at youth sporting events for whatever reason
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