Hey, that frozen food section can get humid. Happy Wednesday everybody...

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thatdude1985117 months
what in the frick did you just try to say steve?
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lsusteve1117 months
E'erbody like DD but not everyone likes Bama. This is clearly I'm Tuscaloosa.
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DoubleDown117 months
Such a weak attempt. So weak. It's lower class income people. You're basically just making fun of poor people. They may or may not happen to be bama fans.

This shite is weak. I don't take pictures of all the trashy arse LSU fans I see picking up trash or sitting under the I-10 connection with LSU shirts on.
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gamecocks22117 months

No, it makes her a fan of Duck Dynasty. Just like those shorts don't make him a UAB fan, they make him a Bama fan. That might be the stupidest thing I have ever read on the SECR which is saying something.
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elit4ce05117 months
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mkibod1117 months
Rowl Tyde!
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BobABooey117 months
The woman is wearing a shirt with Louisiana people (Duck Dynasty) on it. If wearing a pair of Alabama shorts makes the guy a Bama fan, does her shirt make her a fan of all things Louisiana?
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Sterling Archer117 months
Do these people not realize they will be made fun of?
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kbol34117 months
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Woverw117 months
Geezzz, is it me or does Alabama produce the highest per capita of weird people?
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Pavoloco83117 months
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