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Clemson, Oklahoma, Georgia and Alabama will play in this years College Football Playoff.

The Crimson Tide were picked to be the final team in the playoff ahead of Ohio State.

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Why do they deserve it more, didn't win own division or conference....pathetic scam of a system in cfb. Won't watch a min of the playoffs
Reply11 months
because they didn't lose to iowa by 30. It is pretty simple actually. If you took a moment and read the actual criteria, conference championship is only a tiebreaker if the teams are considered close. Losing by 30 to Iowa disqualifies OSU for that.
11 months
Boomer Sooner.
Reply11 months
I am a biased LSU fan, and want BAMA out. However can you imagine if the only loss we had all year was to Auburn and the CFP committee let a 2 loss Ohio St team that lost big to Iowa over us? Take your bias away for one moment, and you will clearly see that Bama deserves it more the OSU. With that said, I hope they lose by 30.
Reply11 months
I hope OSU wins and Bama gets blew out game one. Then the committee will get so much crap they will avoid Bama at all cost next time.
Reply11 months
Kinda like they avoided Slowhio St this year after Clemson beat them 31-0? Yes Clemson might beat Bama but it sure as hell will be a better game than 31-0.
11 months
they ought to eliminate the conference championship games because they obliviously mean nothing to committee
Reply11 months
You say this but a Conference Champ has no business with a 31 point loss to an unranked team. If you want to bitch about conference championships being watered down in the eyes of the committee a good starting point would not be having your backside handed to you by a crappy team as the "Champ" to begin with.
11 months
They mean a lot. But they don't mean everything. If you read the CFP rules, you will see it is used as one of the first tiebreakers if teams are thought to be comparable. Obviously, they didn't see them as comparable, and I agree. It is worth pointing out OSU got in last year without winning the title.......
11 months
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