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Lane Kiffin was trying to start group chat with some current SEC head coaches this week, but according to him, Georgia's Kirby Smart hasn't been interested in participating leading up to his team's game against Ole Miss on Saturday...

"I tried to get that (group chat) going on Sunday and this morning," Kiffin said, via the Clarion-Ledger. "Other people responded. He's not responded yet on it. I was asking if anybody has advice. I added (Missouri coach Eliah) Drinkwitz so he's on there. But Kirby didn't really respond. We haven't played them before, so maybe he has a rule that during the week of the game, he doesn't respond to you."
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Sounds like one of them is trying to get a team ready to play and the other just wants to play with his phone. Get your act together Lane you're making millions of dollars a year to do something any of us would love to do for a fraction of that money.
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NPComb4 months
Joey Freshwater is a very good coach. His maturity is costing him elite status.
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TigerFan555554 months
dude is awesome... not gonna lie wish he coached LSU
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Godfather14 months
Lane: “Look a meeee!!! Pay attention to meeee!!!”

fricking man-child.
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Chalkywhite844 months
The irony
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TouchdownTony4 months
Kirby is actually a real coach doing real coach things. This guy is Mike Leach without the jokes.
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jpainter61744 months
Lane is the gift that keeps on giving!
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No wonder his hot wife left his dumbass
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captainFid4 months
If there was a rule, Lane couldn't obey it. Even in a press conference, he does his schtick.

I can't believe LSU made this clown second in the West this year. Congrats Ole Miss.
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