Lane Kiffin Is Still Very Upset With SEC’s Officials About Last Weekend's Terrible Call
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Ole Miss had a 28-27 lead over the Auburn in the fourth quarter of last Saturday’s game before the officials made this terrible call...
The ref called the play a touchback, giving the ball to Auburn at the 25-yard line and didn't review it. It cost Lane Kiffin's team the game. On Monday morning, he was still very much upset about it...Lane was fined later in the day...

“Ole Miss head coach Lane Kiffin has been fined $25,000 for his use of social media Saturday after the game made in violation of SEC Bylaw 10.5 related to officiating in the Auburn at Ole Miss football game of October 24,” the release read.

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comments are not to be made public because then it will make the SEC office look worse, just complain to us (SEC) and we will be sure do a "thorough review" and issue a boilerplate response that per (a)(e)(1) (z), it was the right call. Fuk them. #freedevinwhite
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I don't think Lane was out of timeouts. Maybe he should be tweeting about himself not challenging the call also. it is also funny how everybody is hush hush about the terrible hold call on the kickoff returned for a TD. Bad calls are made. Some you can review (like this one) and probably should unless you just want the leverage to cry about it later.
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They wouldn’t let him challenge it you big fricking idiot. Maybe do your research on the play before you open your two brain cell mouth. And for the record, the SEC even said they fricked in the call. Uneducated moron. Do the research
1 month
Welcome to the lower tier of the SEC, Mr Kiffen. Any school outside of gumpville is screwed & tattooed
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Funny how Auburn has cheated in all three of their wins. Get used to it, Lane. You aren't coaching at one of the big 3 in the SEC any longer.
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have they come out and said that they made a mistake and the ball was clearly touched and Ole Miss should have been awarded a touchdown? It's insane that they can f*ck this up so bad and then have the nerve to fine Lane for speaking out about it.
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Yes the sec has announced it was the wrong call and it should have been reviewable
1 month
Yes, fine Lane for telling the truth. Seems totally fair. Had the officials done their actual job, he wouldn’t have had to voice it.
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How is it we have the strongest conference, but the worst officials? I understand missing it on the field, but the replay booth.. come on
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It makes way more sense if you come to the realization that there is "missing a call" and then there is not "making the call."
1 month
And the SEC officials office is aware of how bad the officials are. Say a member of the AHSAA makes a statement about an SEC official....that high school official can expect to be disciplined for his actions. It just won't be public about it.
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