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Oklahoma City Restaurant recs

Posted on 5/28/24 at 2:56 pm
Posted by Buck Magnum
Member since Dec 2003
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 2:56 pm
Going in June. Any quality lunch recommendations? Staying at the Renaissance Hotel.
Posted by Naked Bootleg
Member since Jul 2021
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 4:34 pm to
Assuming you're at the downtown Renaissance:

No lunch, but if you have time for a dinner, Mahogany is a must-do. One of the best steaks you'll ever have.

Tellers is a short walk away, good food and a unique atmosphere.

Bourbon St. Cafe is on the riverwalk - not really authentic creole like you're probably used to, but it's good.

Friday through Sunday, Rodizio Grill serves lunch. Maybe you've been to one of these Brazilian steakhouses where they bring skewers of meat to your table and you pick anything & everything you want, but i you have not then it's worth a try. Their salad bar is very good too.

If you just want a good burger & fries, go to The Garage and try a bison burger. It's like the freshest, best-tasting beef you've ever had.

Tell me what kind of food you like. believe it or not, OKC has a large asian demographic so there are tons of asian restaurants I can recommend if you like those sorts of things.

Posted by Buck Magnum
Member since Dec 2003
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Posted on 5/28/24 at 9:39 pm to
Thanks for the info. Someone at work mentioned the Creole place.
Posted by blueridgeTiger
Granbury, TX
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 1:23 pm to
The wife and I enjoy a great little Italian restaurant in nearby Moore, OK:

Oliveto Italian Bistro

Posted by Zappas Stache
Utility Muffin Research Kitchen
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 3:33 pm to
There is an area north of downtown called Paseo Arts District which is a cool little area with spanish architecture and has a few good restaurants. Fridas is southwestern (New Mexicoish) , Picasso is farm to table, Paseo Grill is upscale american, Punk Burger and Sauced (pizza).
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Posted by Coater
Madison, MS
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 8:26 pm to
I see that Scratch has closed. It was in that area
Posted by LSUShock
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Posted on 5/29/24 at 8:39 pm to
Wedge is a good Pizza Spot.

Barrios is awesome.

There's a cool bar next to Barrios as well called The R&J Lounge and Supper Club. It may be cash only. Don't remember.
Posted by Doctor Grind
Las Vegas
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Posted on 5/30/24 at 8:36 am to
I always like Empire Slice for pizza and some brews.
Posted by jimithing11
Dillon, Texas
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Posted on 5/30/24 at 11:00 am to
When I lived there, I always enjoyed any Good Egg restaurants or 84 hospitality.

Good Egg - Cheevers, Red Prime, Republic, Tucker’s Burgers, Kitchen 324)
84 Hospitality - Empire, Goro Ramen, Burger Punk

Jones Assembly has a cool atmosphere, Mary Eddy’s was always a good meal. There are tons of good places in Paseo Arts District (notably Frida) and Plaza District (Empire, Roxy’s Ice Cream, The Mule).

Halls Pizza Kitchen is up there with Empire.

For coffee and breakfast, hit up Harvey’s.

If you’re staying at the Renaissance, walk a bit west toward the park near the Omni/OKC arena and grab a burger at Spark Burger. Was my new favorite burger place before I moved. Can also grab some beers at Social Capital.
Posted by fontell
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Posted on 5/31/24 at 7:05 pm to
Bad Mother Tucker at Tuckers
Posted by roberma
Punta Gorda, FL
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Posted on 5/31/24 at 8:31 pm to
Ive stayed at that hotel numerous times and this last trip decided to try a boutique hotel instead of the tourist/convention hell area. I stayed at Bradford House. Its an OG craftsman house converted to a hotel. Super cool. The bartender was from Hammond. Had jazz on the patio and free french pressed coffee delivered to your room in the am.
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