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Has anyone flown TAP Air Portugal
We're hawking flights for a honeymoon to Italy in late September. The plan right now is to focus on Tuscany and the Amalfi Coast, so we are looking at flying into Florence and out of Rome/Naples.

We're primary looking for flights out of DC (we live in Richmond, VA), and a lot of the cheaper flights are TAP with stops in Lisbon. There is a pretty decent price/time flight coming back that is Naples --> Lisbon --> IAD.

The reviews for TAP are a bit worrisome, does anyone have any first hand experience?

Any other ideas on what I should be looking at in terms of flights? It seems as though Florence is more difficult to get to than I had anticipated.

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re: Has anyone flown TAP Air Portugal
Flew TAP several times last summer. But they were all short flights. Venice to Lisbon. Lisbon to Barcelona.

No issues for me. On time and cheap. I can’t soeak on flights longer than 2 hours

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re: Has anyone flown TAP Air Portugal
I would look into flying into our out of MXP if you're looking for solid value. Between Emirates and Air Italy they have driven down business class to the low $2ks on your more traditional carriers and you can sometimes find it sub 2. High speed trains connect to FLR, VCE and FCO.

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re: Has anyone flown TAP Air Portugal
The wife and I flew TAP in September.

UA Operated from NOLA to Newark
TAP from Newark to Lisbon
TAP from Lisbon to Prague

No issues for us at all. The plane was probably a little less updated than other international flights I've taken in the past few years but not bad. No real memorable difference in service either. It wasn't anything particularly nice, but it was the most affordable option that worked with our schedule.

The flight from Newark to Lisbon was delayed a few hours but that was due mainly to Hurricane Florence messing up all the air traffic on the east coast and pushing around some transatlantic flights. We had an intentionally long layover in Lisbon so that we could see some of the sights, so our schedule didn't get messed up at all.

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