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Questions about the Bose 300 smart sound bar
Purchased on after the discussion mode thread, and LOVE the sound quality but am having a few issues I feel are holding it back and was hoping some of yall could help.

1. I cannot get my xfinity remote to pair with it. I have the X11 remote from xfinity and have tried about every code using the setup button procedure as well as going through the settings menu and having the remote search for the device...nothing has worked. Is it able to be paired....this is the one that might cause me to return it...I hate having a ton of remotes.

2. It seems like it defaults to playing from bluetooth source. When the TV powered on this morning, so did the soundbar, but it was attempting to play from a bluetooth source when it was last set to TV. Is there anyway to change this? Again, this is in service of not having to use the bose remote so much.

3. I cannot get alexa to play music via voice command. On my echo dot I could say "alexa play ____" and that artist would play. I have linked the bose to my pandora, amazon and spotify accounts and the sound bar appears as active and online in the alexa app, but when I try to use this fucntion I get one of two error messages:
-Hmm I cannot do that at this time, please allow this skill for your bose 300 smart sound bar in the alexa app then ask me to find devices.
-I don't see anything with that name (I have re-named it and know I am using the correct name) if you want to play from your speaker please use the devices name or enable group play. ( I have set up a group with the soundbar in it and it shows the speaker as online)

These three issues about made me pull my hair out last night.... I just feel like I've hit a wall...are they fixable. Any and all help greatly appreciated!

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