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GotW3 Rural Internet - Beware
GotW3 Review

This is exactly what happened to me under the T Mobile plan which throttled down to speeds where you cannot even do simple browsing. Called customer service and submitted form thru website with no call back or email yet.

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re: GotW3 Rural Internet - Beware
It's easy for someone like him who has no clue what they are doing to bash something like this. Yea T-Mobile plan is garbage. Only works well in large cities. Get the Rural "AT&T" plan and an external Yagi directional antenna.

Also you should always research the phone towers in your area with to see if you even have a T-Mobile tower near you...and to know where to aim your antenna. Sometimes you have to aim at a few different towers to get good speeds.
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re: GotW3 Rural Internet - Beware
His issue didn't sound like it was due to coverage or signal. It's sounds like he got throttled for the remainder of his billing cycle.

I'm not sure what kind of data usage he was getting, but regular T-Mobile users are subjected to throttling at 50 GB. If he was using his hotspot to download and upload files for his radio show + Netflix, OTT video, then I'm not surprised (I only got halfway through the video before he bored me, so I'm not sure if he went over his usage details). In my experience, obscure T-Mobile MVNOs usually have more favorable throttling limits than AT&T resellers. Chances are that an AT&T plan won't do him any better.

He said he had access to CenturyLink. If he wants consistent access to the internet with less throttling, he should have gone with that over a WISP. The entire video is the epitome of old people complaining about technology they don't understand.

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re: GotW3 Rural Internet - Beware

The entire video is the epitome of old people complaining about technology they don't understand.


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