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re: Accepted a new job - IT related

Looking for a job is tough even when you have a job. Can't imagine being unemployed looking for a job. My company was remote through Covid but we're back in the office full time because "butts in seats".

It's very much an employer's market except for crappy jobs like call center or fry cook where you hate going to work. The better jobs are getting over 100 applicants in some cases.

Would definitely suck being unemployed and worrying about paying your bills.

Worst part of all is getting spammed by offers to sell insurance. Or sorting through the fake job ads that say it's an office manager and they really want you to cold call people and try to sell insurance on commission.

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re: Accepted a new job - IT related
Congrats on the job! Lots of great DBA resources. A great one to start with is Brent Ozar. Good luck!

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