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re: What did Rispone lie about?

I'm voting against Edwards no matter what in both the first round and the runoff.

And if Rispone is indeed the candidate for the runoff, I will do everything I can to make sure Abraham supporters like you that vote JBE or stay home are as small a minority as possible as Louisiana cannot afford four more years of the political twin of Edwin Edwards; that man has been absolute disaster as Governor.


Same here 100%. Rispone is a liar and a weasel but still I will walk on broken glass to vote against Bel Shittard.

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re: What did Rispone lie about?

I don’t really care about campaign spin. They all do it to some degree.

I want to know if he has lied about anything else

Oh you only care about certain lies.

Rispone is just as shallow as this board.

Rispone's campaign comes down to:
-I'm for a wall
-Trump is good
-Abraham votes with Nancy Pelosi and owns an airplane

Rispone has not given me one reason to vote for him accept that he's not Bel Edwards
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re: What did Rispone lie about?

Rispone has not given me one reason to vote for him accept that he's not Bel Edwards

Well that’s enough for me.

Ralph hasn’t even done that. Besides the low energy, Ralph seems like the most reluctant candidate ever. At least Rispone appears to have a pulse

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re: What did Rispone lie about?
Anyone with a shred of conservatism that did a minimal amount of research on Honor Code’s legislative record would have never supported him. There was little doubt he was going to tax tax tax. And sic his trial lawyer buddies on the state’s largest employer. He ran a great campaign, don’t pay attention to my record, I’m a West Point family man. And he’s running on the identical strategy this time, his problem is he has a visible record now and it’s not good. If Eddie would quit running GumboPac ads bashing Ralph and focus that money on the Turtle, the needle would move.

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re: What did Rispone lie about?
I think the big disconnect is people in south Louisiana are used to over emotional stupid half men being in charge of everything. It starts at an early age when they see these little man syndrome having buffoons coaching them in baseball, yelling and screaming and beating up other kid’s dads. Doing anything to win, no matter the cost. Soon these poor kids get programmed to expect such behavior out of their leaders. And then they come to voting age and they follow right in the white boot prints of their fathers and elect these corrupt, unscrupulous idiots to the states highest office. It’s a vicious cycle. So blind to reality are they, that when they see composed, intelligent, articulate, principled leadership they repell in horror as though it’s some zombie rougarou arising from the swamps to wreak havoc on their pitiful existence.

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