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re: Russia deploys hypersonic missile in Ukraine….

If he didn’t get the sarc in my comment about putting 8 kids to bed before meeting him, then I don’t know what else there is to say.


Otherwise this is about the same way like happened in Mobile, Alabama - they found a dick in the parking lot of a gas station (Navco and McVay)

a dick

a penis in a gas station parking lot

was it some internet bad guys comeuppance?

more to follow as this goes viral

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re: Russia deploys hypersonic missile in Ukraine….
Scientific America - 2021 article on Hypersonic weapons


What are you reading?

i believe he is implying talking about the physics of high velocity and air resistance (drag) as speed doubles drag is increased x4. as speed goes up x4 drag goes up x16

a hypersonic weapon will not be as maneuverable as a traditional cruise missile because it is going to fast. they will work great in defeating a fixed target or a target that is relatively close. but will not be so great hitting a moving target at a large range (IE, you shoot at a fixed target and it doesnt move by the time the missile get to the target)

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