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National Review article on Biden's prospects if he's reelected

Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:40 pm
Posted by Penrod
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:40 pm

Biden’s utility lies in his staying in the race. Twenty-three seconds after he has won, this will change. And, when it does, the reversal will be astonishing in both speed and scope. Instantly, all of Biden’s senile tics will be visible to all. Within seconds of his inauguration, the Science will begin to cast doubts on the ability of any octogenarian to do such a demanding job. After a couple of bad polls, the muttering will begin; after the first public slip-up, the Sunday shows will swoop in; and, as the party starts to look forward to the midterms, the number of amateur grim reapers will multiply into a requiem chorus that drowns out all but their own predilections. The late-night comics will observe the green light. The friendly cable channels will practice their sorrowful faces.

Paywall, National Review Article
Posted by TrueTiger
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:42 pm to
The real race is Trump v.
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Posted by GumboPot
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:42 pm to
Hopefully Biden doesn't win.
Posted by Sus-Scrofa
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:43 pm to
I agree, but I’m still amazed National Review can keep their lights on.

Their webpage looks like a weekly shopper with the ads they have to run to make any money.
Posted by Bunk Moreland
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:44 pm to
I'm a little surprised there haven't been more leaks about what a mess he is, but this is probably why -- the thinking is win with him, then run him out.
Posted by TDsngumbo
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:44 pm to

Hopefully Biden doesn't win.

He wont but he'll be president again in 2025. Why would they just stop doing what they got away with before?
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