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Jack Smith

Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:35 am
Posted by MikkUGA
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:35 am

Wonder what is happening with this investigation into Jack Smith.
Posted by GumboPot
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:38 am to

Witnesses who provided sworn affidavits say that Smith ran “an alleged extortion ring set up within the Kosovo Specialist Chambers, a European Union initiative ratified by Kosovo’s parliament in 2016 to prosecute war crimes."

Smith is named as “an active participant in a scheme that extorted millions of dollars from wealthy individuals targeted for investigation and/or prosecution by the Kosovo Specialist Prosecutor’s Office (SPO). Smith served as the Specialist Prosecutor from May 7, 2018, to November 18, 2022, at which time he was appointed by U.S. Attorney General Merrick B. Garland to serve as the Special Counsel” to investigate Trump.

Evidence provided to the Inspector General’s Office includes recorded interviews and various written communications, including text messages.
Posted by aTmTexas Dillo
East Texas Lake
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:38 am to
I'll start with the usual comment:
Nothing will happen!
Posted by Godfather1
What WAS St George, Louisiana
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:40 am to
Incidentally, WTF kind of name IS “Jack Smith”?

Sounds like a really bad alias. Wasn’t “John Doe” available?
Posted by LSUvet72
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:42 am to
Sounds like Mr Jack Smith and Killery have something in common.

Like they may have worked together before the Russia, Russia BS.

Posted by lake chuck fan
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:45 am to
No federal agency will pursue this.
If Trump wins..... Ole Jack can expect some follow up.
Posted by tommy2tone1999
St. George, LA
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Posted on 2/14/24 at 11:50 am to
Hillary Clinton was also named. Look for mass suicides
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