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CNN: Marjorie Taylor Greene creates headaches for House GOP.

Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:25 pm
Posted by Bunk Moreland
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:25 pm
Why was she so willing to toe the party line under McCarthy?

GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene was a team player and a reliable Republican leadership ally for nine months under former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, willing to swallow tough votes and fall in line even when it meant defying her right-wing colleagues.

All of that has changed.

Now, under Speaker Mike Johnson, Greene is increasingly acting out, from outbursts at committee hearings to unsuccessfully trying to oust Johnson from the speakership to pressuring House Republican leaders to take uncomfortable votes. Those actions have made the Georgia Republican — who was kicked out of the far-right House Freedom Caucus last year after feuding with members — persona non grata inside the House GOP Conference, where there is little patience for her tactics and where some Republicans have even been calling for Greene to face repercussions.

In the last two weeks alone, in the wake of former President Donald Trump’s conviction in his hush money case, Greene has pressured Johnson to put on the floor a long-shot impeachment resolution against President Joe Biden and has called on the speaker to shut down the government this fall rather than continue to fund the Department of Justice — two ideas that more centrist Republicans are against.

“This is supposed to be a collaborative body, at least within your own conference, and she doesn’t play nice in the sandbox,” GOP Rep. Carlos Giménez of Florida told CNN.

But Greene is largely embracing her lone-wolf status and feels increasingly emboldened because of the backing she still has from MAGA supporters across the country – including from Trump, who recently endorsed her for reelection and tapped her to warm up the crowd during his rally in Las Vegas over the weekend.

Those dynamics were on full display last month at a House Oversight Committee meeting that devolved into chaos that overshadowed its purpose, which was to vote on a resolution holding Attorney General Merrick Garland in contempt of Congress – a top Republican priority.

During the markup, Greene sparked outrage when she commented on Democratic Rep. Jasmine Crockett’s appearance. But when Democrats requested that she apologize, Greene privately delivered a blunt message to House Oversight Chair James Comer.

“There’s no f**king way I’m doing that. I won’t apologize. And I’m not leaving,” Greene told CNN of what she relayed to Comer, a Kentucky Republican. “I don’t care what happens in this committee room — I will not leave.”

Posted by chili pup
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:27 pm to
They all in Congress have a background. That is how the CIA is used.

You need no more of understanding how DC puts people in line.
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Posted by bbvdd
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:34 pm to
She's acting like the hierarchy doesn't have anything on her unlike so many others that talk a big game and then fall in line...
Posted by momentoftruth87
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:38 pm to
CNN though…
Posted by Great Plains Drifter
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 1:48 pm to
I have no problem with her being the bull in a china shop.

Pubs are always ultimately worried about going too far and offending, ruffling sensibilities, or not adhering to proper decorum.

That’s a big contributing reason why the Progressives have been kicking their fannies up one side of the aisle and down the other over and over in recent memory.

Progressives don’t worry about that shite when it’s something they are fighting for.

Posted by CGSC Lobotomy
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 4:39 pm to

Why was she so willing to toe the party line under McCarthy?

She was fricking him.
Posted by LSU316
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Posted on 6/12/24 at 4:51 pm to
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