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blinken says some hamas changes to ceasefire deal "not workable"

Posted on 6/13/24 at 4:58 am
Posted by trinidadtiger
Member since Jun 2017
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 4:58 am
The deal was tacitly agreed to by Israel, voted on and endorsed by the Jew hating UN (which tells you it must be VERY favorable to hamas), and structured by the US. Tell me what you think:

The agreement was for all hostages to be released. hamas says 3 at a time, some dead some alive, which could drag this out for years.

The agreement called for a ceasefire. hamas says Israel partial withdrawal in three days, full withdrawal in a week.

At this point it is clear to the world that hamas cares nothing about the people of palestine, nor they about their own lives.

Bibi, do what ya gotta do, from the river to the sea....and do it with glee.

By the way, blinken did announce that he was going to give 400 more million of your taxpayer dollars to hamas, I guess so he can ensure they have enough ammo to continue the conflict while the people continue to starve.
Posted by ChineseBandit58
Pearland, TX
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 5:17 am to
I could never in my wildest imagination think I'd live to see this level of incompetence and/or planned dysfunction in my government.
Posted by The Maj
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 6:36 am to

to give 400 more million of your taxpayer dollars to hamas

Look, the MIC has to eat and when there are not enough conflicts going on to feed it "naturally" it will have to fund both sides of a conflict in order to keep things going...

How else do you expect our elected officials to launder their money?
Posted by momentoftruth87
DeSantis Country
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 6:43 am to
Stop negotiating with terrorists
Posted by texas tortilla
Member since Dec 2015
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 6:52 am to
blinken believes there can be a 2 state solution. there can't. he is wasting his time and our money.
Posted by THog
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 6:57 am to
Blinken is one of those dual citizenship types.
Posted by MadQfrog
Atlanta, GA
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 7:09 am to
Blinken is an incompetent moron if he thinks Hamas can be reasoned with. Aren’t Hamas leadership living in Qatar? Isn’t that the first place you try to assassinate them? You kill them… not REASON with them.
Posted by td01241
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Posted on 6/13/24 at 7:13 am to
Israel isn’t going to agree to any ceasefire. Idk what the obsession with this fantasy larp is in the west. You want a ceasefire? All of you put down your weapons, your uniforms, and exit Gaza on mass into Algeria where they love Hamas. There isn’t a world where Israel EVER allows something like October 7 to happen again. They will hunt them all down to the ends of the earth and kill them all. Elon Musk could put them on Mars and Mossad will blow them up there. It’s war. A war Hamas started for the 4th time barbarically and wants to throw their hands up like persecuted victims. Accept it and thank them for it, privately if it makes you to sick to do publicly.
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