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Periodical cicada update for La.

Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:25 am
Posted by AlxTgr
Kyre Banorg
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Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:25 am
From LSU AgCenter:


This year, from early-May through early June, Louisianans could potentially witness the emergence of periodical cicadas, as the 13-year cicada Brood XIX is scheduled to make an appearance in northern Louisiana.
Historical records indicate the parishes where they may be found are Caddo, Claiborne and Webster. Lack of documentation of the previous emergence in the state has led to concerns about Brood XIX’s potential extinction.
Amidst uncertainty about the fate of Brood XIX, we call on citizen scientists to aid in documentation efforts. By photographing the cicadas and uploading photos to iNaturalist, a social networking site that helps map biodiversity worldwide, this would provide new information on the distribution and survival of the Brood XIX cicada population.



In addition to the 2024 emergence of Brood XIX, two additional 13-year broods will be emerging during the coming years: Brood XXII during 2027 and Brood XXIII during 2028. Both of these broods cover a large area of eastern Louisiana and have been documented as far south as Baton Rouge.
Posted by bbvdd
Memphis, TN
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Posted on 5/21/24 at 10:07 am to
We have not seen nor heard the 1st one in west TN and North MS.
Posted by LegendInMyMind
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Posted on 5/21/24 at 9:22 pm to

We have not seen nor heard the 1st one in west TN and North MS.

The western cutoff in reports seems to be from Tupelo, to Starkville, to Meridian with a few reports around Jackson and Oxford. Western TN doesn't have many reports at all.

There are four species in this brood, and pretty much all of the MS reports are M. Tredecim. At my place in north AL I have seen three of the four species. At my cousin's place around 18 miles away, as the crow flies, they have just one species.

There are stray reports in north LA, and what appears to be a small population east of Baton Rouge that may have shifted emergence from a different brood. They emerged in 2015, as well. If they are a population of brood 19 they probably don't have the numbers to last much longer.

ETA: They're starting to die here now. Thousands of anything dying at the same time is going to put that stench of death in the air. I suspect it'll only get worse over the next week or so.
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Posted by Pezzo
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Posted on 5/22/24 at 11:49 am to
there is a noticeable absence of cicadas at my house this year. by this time I'm usually getting chased by them while cutting grass. haven't even seen a single skin yet
Posted by AlxTgr
Kyre Banorg
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Posted on 5/22/24 at 12:21 pm to
If you're used to annuals, then it's a little early
Posted by geauxbrown
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Posted on 5/22/24 at 9:39 pm to
Haven’t heard one in Bawcomville
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