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How to title an old boat with no title?
My dad has an old aluminum boat that he paid cash for years ago with no paperwork.

He wants to sell it now. Does he have any legit options to acquire a title?

It’s not worth much. I’m tempted to just buy it and scrap it just to quit hearing about it.

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re: How to title an old boat with no title?

Similar situation to yours. I called (think their closed now to Covid) my dad passed. I had to prove that it went to me, had get death cert, sent it in with payment remand it was approved. The catch was that my bro in law had just been renewing the title in my dads name. So I literally was going to either do it the way I did or have my “dad” sign the bill of sale over.

They did ask if their boat had ever been registered. They can pull it by the hull ID. That website has some info. Plus if you call they seemed very eager to give me info.

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re: How to title an old boat with no title?
I had a similar issue with an old jon boat of my dad's. He had only used it on farm ponds and it had never been registered. I just took some pictures of it and went to the court house with my iPad and asked for their help. Told them I was planning on using it on a river and wanted to get everything legal. Had no problem. Worst case is that they will tell you what you need to do.

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