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re: Anyone gone through a period of frustration with your job and started acting too brash....
Yes, mistake of my career.

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I have given no Fs at a job. As an adult. Like a real job. Was told to leave. It happens. Shrug.

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It seems most people have an inflated sense of worth and that their “leaving” will be a huge blow. 99% of the time, you are replaced quickly and easily and everyone says good riddance. Then you have a reputation as a trouble maker. Doesn’t usually work out like the movies.

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I worked at Home Depot out of college. At the time they did a review after 90 days and could give you up to a dollar raise. They said I earned 15 cents an hour after I had been busting my ass. So for the next year I was late every day by 15 minutes. Finally got a new boss who recognized what I was doing and gave me a $2 raise as long as I quit being late.

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I had a lady start acting out around the beginning of the year. She was the only person occupying a three person shared office space. We moved new hire in there and she didn’t like it one bit because she had to stop blaring contemporary Christian music all day. She’d been with us for 18 years and thought she was untouchable. We sent her packing.

I only say that because most people who think they’re untouchable aren’t and most of the time they have longevity because they work well with others.

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A) drink more booze (on the job if you can get away with it)
B) quiet quit
C) Long calls on TQQQ

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This sounds exactly like what one of my sons went through.

Didn’t go that well - he got fired.

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I’m on probation right now for a dwi. The second I am off probation I am splitting from my current job. I haven’t gotten a raise in a year and a half and only got that one because my boss matched what I was going to make at a new job that I was planning to leave to.

Have to be cordial for now but it’s hard, boss is very unprofessional

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No, but I started being a real dick to my boss. I was doing a shite load of work for our finance team and he thought I was just being lazy and didn’t realize how much I had going on with them. So he decided to PIP me. Bad move because I was in the middle of closing a $200M portfolio investment that they needed to IPO. Ended up putting his nuts in the vice on that one, got a fat bonus and PIP thrown in the trash. We all laughed about it once the IPO hit. I got a better offer a couple months later and left but still consult for them. Not being a bitch worked out in my favor but you can’t just be a dick for no reason.
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I openly created my own niche market within the company and ignored my manager, who would have had no clue how to tap in to the markets I serve. I had the support of a senior director. When sales support would send administrative stuff back to me to do for them, I would send it back to them with name, phone and email of the person to get the info from. They would bitch and moan, and I would tell them, "fine, if the order doesn't get delivered it's on you. This is administrative work, not sales. You were hired to handle administrative crap. I was hired to bring in revenue. I don't bring in revenue, you don't have a job." Their managers and directors would argue that it was my job and I told them I didn't have time.

Results? The company recognized my productivity, the revenue I generate out of thin air without marketing costs and my use of engineering and solutions services to create a new business within the business. They hired additional administrative staff to handle the stuff I close and elevated me to a senior director position over government and defense sales.

Yes, I had to get chippy and fight against the entrenched malaise and people too comfortable in their longevity. In the end, the company is much better for it. They have taken that philosophy across the board to all channel managers and removed the administrative load (except for Salesforce reporting) which allows sales to do what they do best, which is talking to and seeing clients, not getting bogged down on administrative documentation.

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I gave myself a stellar review for the year and had a book of corporate buzzwords and used as many as I could. I was told to stop being an a-hole. I ended up quitting and taking a new job for more money and better overall.

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I have turned into a complete A-Hole. I hate everyone and I get frustrated when it takes other people too much time to understand simple shite. Or, I get frustrated at what I consider "stupid" decision making.

I'm a valuable commodity at my work, but I have to settle this shite down. Even I can see it.

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