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D Allen top defensive play caller

Posted on 2/6/24 at 8:03 pm
Posted by paulbeasy
Member since Feb 2023
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 8:03 pm

Well. There it is. Same chart that labeled Carmichael as one of the worst offensive play callers.
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Posted by Buzz Lightbeer
Member since Feb 2018
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 8:18 pm to
There aren’t many guys on that list I’d take over DA to call the defense.

Head coach, different story.

Also, did Ron Rivera suck that bad?
Posted by goatmilker
Castle Anthrax
Member since Feb 2009
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 8:33 pm to
Any one with a semi functional brain, while in short supply around here these days, knew this.
He has I think one more year to show his metal as a HC in the nfl.
Posted by msstate7
Member since Oct 2014
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 8:48 pm to
I would love to get a pass rush specialist in this draft. That weakness is the only thing holding this defense back from being really nasty
Posted by PoppaD
Member since Feb 2008
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 9:36 pm to
DA builds good defenses. Lattimore went down and he had the backups ready. He's developed Adebo into an under the radar gem. He just needs a better pass rush.

It's all the other things he needs to do as a head coach thqt he sucks at so far.

Hopefully he gets better since we are stuck with him.
Posted by geauxpurple
New Orleans
Member since Jul 2014
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Posted on 2/6/24 at 10:33 pm to
I agree that he is an excellent defensive coach. That does not always translate in to being an excellent head coach. Wade Phillips is another example.
Posted by jrobic4
Baton Rouge
Member since Aug 2011
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Posted on 2/7/24 at 7:44 am to

get a pass rush specialist in this draft

Also would like to see one develop that's already on the roster...Nikko?!

JK, but more Baun, maybe Turner is healthy
Posted by saints5021
Member since Jul 2010
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Posted on 2/7/24 at 7:45 am to
I will never get upset at the Saints drafting defensive backs. It seems Allen can make a solid starter out of about anyone. Now, if he could work his touch on our defensive line, we would be golden
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