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re: What if the pelicans don’t make a trade?

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Posted by whatiknowsofar
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Be patient, let the season play out, and watch us get close to that 50 win mark and see what we do in the playoffs before making major changes to the roster.

This is the most optimistic teddy take I've ever seen.
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Posted by TigerinATL
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I keep seeing comments about how bad the 2024 draft is.


Keith Smith @KeithSmithNBA

In conversations with folks around the NBA this week, it's starting to feel like we're going to get role player trades at the deadline.

Stars aren't available. First-round picks aren't getting moved at the moment/no one wants more 2024 firsts.

Look for rebalancing trades: "We have an extra big and need a guard. You have guards, but need a big. Deal?"

And we're going to get some cap/tax focused moves too. Those always happen, but some teams are chasing cap space and some are trying to clean up their books moving forward.

I trust the team's scouting, so if they want to trade out of the 2024 draft to get future picks or even swaps/2nds, I'd be ok with that.
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Kind of off topic, but Pels have shown interest in lead guards. Curious to know if Pels have plans for Seabron, he seems to be tearing up the G league every time I take a look.
Posted by TeddyPadillac
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No matter how bad the 24 draft is, trading a 1st for 2nds and a theoretical asset in a swap is stupid.

what the Bucks and Sixers are wanting to do is give away future pick swaps and 2nd rounders, just so they can get a 1st. They want a first so they can trade it, and trade multiple 1sts.

The Bucks have a '24 1st (swap), a '26 first (swap), '28 first (swap), and '30 first (swap).
They can only trade the '24 first right now, and the only 2nd they have to trade is a '24 Portland 2nd, which does have some value. I'm not sure what they are trying to do though, as they have nothign really to offer. No one's trading a 1st for the Portland 2nd, and they have nothing else to offer.

The Sixers don't have their '25 and '27 firsts, but have all the rest, and have a bunch of likely worthless 2nds.
Sounds like they are wanting to move multiple 1sts to make a move at the deadline, but they can't b/c of those two outgoing firsts. The only 1st they can trade is their '29 or '30 first right now. If they can throw two pick swaps out there and some 2nds, they could possibly get back a '24 or '25 first and then they can trade it as well as on of the future 1st.

seems silly but for rosters like ourselves and OKC, we aren't clamoring for more rookies.
If they offered the '24 NY 2nd, '24 Toronto 2nd, '26 pick swap and '28 pick swap, for our lottery protected '24 1st, i'd be willing to do that. You could use those 2 2nds to move up into the early 30's pick, so you essentially traded down from say 20 to 35, and you picked up the opportunity to pick swap with a team that likely won't have Embiid anymore, and if they do he'll be 34, when we should be contending.
We are already complaining about Hawkins playing time. You think next years' rookie is going to see the court much?

I would ask for this.

Mo Bamba, '24 & 26' pick swap, NY & Toronto '24 2nds for EJ and our '25 1st (whichever is worst between ourselves and Lakers)
Posted by TeddyPadillac
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This is the most optimistic teddy take I've ever seen.

why thank you my good man.

I know we are all itchy to see changes made, but we just don't have to. We are solid with role players.

I've been saying it for a few years now, we'll go as far as Zion and BI take us, and if you want to truely get better b/c we can't get over the hump, getting an upgraded role player isn't the answer, it would be upgrading BI or Zion. Star players are what matter in the playoffs. Of course role players play a role, but if your star players aren't championship level players, then no amount of role players are getting you a championship.
Posted by VOR
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I think it’s reasonable to see how far this roster can go.
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