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Texas Club BR
Going see The Steel Woods Friday at the Texas Club. I’ve never been is the venue setup? Is it all GA? How hard is it to get a drink at the bars? Can you see stage if you’re hanging at the bars?

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re: Texas Club BR
Its a big wide open space. You should be able to see from anywhere. The neighborhood its in is not great.

Paul Allen
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re: Texas Club BR
The neighborhood hasn’t been great for over 30 years

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re: Texas Club BR
I like watching shows there. All GA. There are a few tables and a few bar seats but being right up on the stage is cool. Wish I could make it Friday nite but work beckons. I saw the steel woods open for Jinks in NOLA earlier this year and they were fantastic.

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re: Texas Club BR
There are 2 huge bars on each side of the downstairs level. It's a little hard to explain but the areas around the bars are elevated to the same level as the stage and the dance floor area in between is lower. So it's easy to see the stage from the bar. Or you can go upstairs and have an unobstructed view. There's also a bar upstairs.

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Zachary, LA
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re: Texas Club BR
Get there early to see Josh Morningstar too. He's great.

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re: Texas Club BR
Steel Woods were great as usual in NOLA last night. New drummer has the chops but not the backing vocals that Jay had. Enjoy.

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