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re: Falling Skies Season 4 Thread
Was that Cochise talking to the Espheni at the end of episode 4? The Espheni called him by a name but I do not recall Cochise's real name.
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re: Falling Skies Season 4 Thread
no that was two Espheni talking. The one that was in control of the camp theat Tom's group escaped from the other is the one that was meeting with Lexi.

I agree this season has been kind of weak so far. but they had some interesting twist in the last episode the human skitters and the Lexi weapon

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re: Falling Skies Season 4 Thread
I thought this thread had died off. I agree that it started off a little weak, but this last episode I thought was great both with the new human skitters that, frankly, are terrifying, as well as the threat of the new Lexi weapon. I see it getting better and better.

I'm curious how far they carry the "greater threat is coming" plot line that even has the Espheni scared.

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re: Falling Skies Season 4 Thread
Damn, just started a new thread before searching....... But it appears as if I really might be THE last person watching.

Finale tonight.

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re: Falling Skies Season 4 Thread
I'm still watching.

God I could swear that Spielberg has no involvement in this whatsoever as it's a show that could be epic but just can never get over that hump to sheer greatness.

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