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Relay Rides?

Basically a site that lets people rent your car from you.


"Unlike traditional car rental services, RelayRides neither owns the vehicles nor maintains them. Rather, they are offering a platform for car owners and renters to connect generating scalability and lower pricing."[13] They provide a platform that tracks the cars and matches prospective borrowers to car owners.[14] RelayRides covers $1 million worth of insurance for vehicles during the rental period,[15] and performs basic background checks of vehicle registration and safety, as well as renters’ safety records, to lessen the likelihood of complications between the owner and borrower of the vehicle.[3] People who wish to profit from their cars while they're not being used can register the cars online to be borrowed by other RelayRides members.[1] Before the car can be lent to other RelayRides members, however, the company installs a device in the car, which controls and locks the car's ignition, so that only registered and approved RelayRiders can drive the car.[16] To make the car available, a car owner that has signed up for RelayRides signs onto the network and states the time and place where the car will be available.[14] A member who wishes to borrow a car will reserve a specific time slot for the car online,[17] and pays for the amount of time they signed up for.[18] The user will then find the car parked at the place specified online and marked with a RelayRides logo.[18] In order to unlock and drive the car, members must swipe their membership card over the installed RelayRides device.[15]

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Thinking about doing it, don't use my car much now that I live within biking distance to most things I need to go to.

Wonder how much of a hassle it really is and if people driving my car would end up doing more damage to it then it is worth.

I know people are on here asking about ways to make extra cash.
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