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Griddy - wholesale electrical provider
Can anyone give me a review of these guys? This is an electricity provider in Texas who says you pay a $10 per month membership and then you get access to wholesale electricity prices. It also says there are no contracts, termination charges, or markups. Sounds like a pretty good option once my current contract is up but wanted to see some reviews before making the switch.

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re: Griddy - wholesale electrical provider
Those prices don't look any better than you can get yourself by shopping around. I pay about 9¢ and have a 2 yr contract. You have to remember that the energy provider, mine is Oncor charges about 6¢ then the biller charges the remaining amount.

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re: Griddy - wholesale electrical provider
It's fine, and can save you money.

But if you know your monthly usage habits, you can save a lot of money by doing some research not only on the providers, but on each of the plans they offer.

I was actually working on this yesterday since my contract is expiring and built a spreadsheet. The key is to know how much electricity you use. You can see where the lines cross and where each plan becomes better than the other.

They use a lot of buzzwords to confuse you on the plans, but once you open the plan's EFL, the numbers are pretty straightforward.

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re: Griddy - wholesale electrical provider
This is spot on. Residential baseload is practically free. I only pay for energy in excess of 1,000kwh a month.
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re: Griddy - wholesale electrical provider
I switched over and so far loving it. Their website shows you exactly how much you are spending each day. And as long as those numbers hold up I'll cut my electricity cost to 1/3 what I was paying before.

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