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re: Got scammed by someone trolling this careful

Posted on 12/16/21 at 10:47 am to
Posted by Squints 3410
Member since Mar 2015
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Posted on 12/16/21 at 10:47 am to
Be cautious of Phillip4. Pretty sure he is a scammer. Got in touch with him ab some Lipscomb tickets. He tells me he they are GA tickets to make him an offer, then says the tickets are in section 113 Row J. He was asking $140/tix. Told him I was looking to spend $50. Phillip says I seem real so he’ll do it via Venmo but couldn’t do it in person Bc he’s out of town. Post count 8, tickets to good for $50 ticket. Scammer
Posted by GeauxJeaux78
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Posted on 12/30/21 at 8:29 am to
So is Jeanpaul .. same person...same phone number...same scammer...
Posted by GeauxJeaux78
Member since May 2020
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Posted on 3/29/22 at 7:16 am to
So is Godson70....same person as above and further above...same phone number...same scammer.
Posted by Thor of Cenla
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Posted on 6/16/22 at 10:17 am to
Chainsaws is a scammer also. Be careful.
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Posted by Jawilder
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Posted on 8/24/22 at 6:29 pm to
What a POS
Posted by tygerfan1
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Posted on 8/30/22 at 7:33 pm to
Just got a text from 862-210-9167. I was looking for a season parking pass and he said he would transfer mobile. LSU doesn't do mobile for passes. Wanted payment via Zelle
Posted by TheDuke5524
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 3/4/23 at 10:11 pm to
Add to the list of scammers. Trying to send screen shots of Stubhub tickets for LSU baseball games with bogus bar codes.
Posted by im4LSU
Hattiesburg, MS
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Posted on 3/31/23 at 6:23 pm to
add to the scammer list
Posted by Jwodie
New Orleans
Member since Sep 2009
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Posted on 4/10/23 at 3:19 pm to
Don’t buy shite from Scamming MF trying to pose as “Tigahrag” who hasn’t posted since 2017. Sent me a Venmo address with last 4 digits that didn’t match the number they texted me from. Told him to respond to my post as Tigahrag and I’d send money. Nothing.
Posted by royals
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Posted on 4/15/23 at 5:25 pm to
This POS has apparently scammed two of us now on LSU ULL tickets for Tuesday. Got me for $150 this morning. I didn’t read the scammer thread because I’ve never had issues but have since seen where he dicked some others around this week too.

I’ve bought and sold tickets here for over 10 years and my time has finally come to get screwed over. Even gave me some BS story about his wife dying after I sent him the money. Make sure if you Venmo that you do the buyer protection. I was at my kids baseball game this morning and didn’t do it so I’m SOL.

Feel free to light his arse up with texts and phone calls

Posted by GeauxJeaux78
Member since May 2020
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Posted on 4/15/23 at 5:54 pm to
This is the same alter email and cell if dlsuman..


Same dying family member. Same photoshopped fake tickets in section 212 in his account. BS

Just a PSA, the tickets DO NOT say "Gold Grandstand" in the season ticket account. Dead giveaway. Other than the sloppy image editing.
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Posted by Tigercowboy
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 5/12/23 at 4:02 pm to
PSA Don’t deal will sportsmanted email. Just got me for 100 bucks on Venmo. Venmo name Mike Welch. Looks like I’m not bringing my son to a game this weekend after all. Low life scum man!
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Posted by Tigerbait1233
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Posted on 6/2/23 at 12:39 pm to
Add this POS to the list. Email
Posted by pirouge
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Posted on 6/3/23 at 7:53 pm to
Yup. Got me too. Wish I would have seen this earlier.
Posted by DrEdgeLSU
Baton Rouge, LA
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Posted on 6/6/23 at 9:17 am to
daleben601@gmail just reached out to me

clawfirm5@gmail is another scam
Posted by Long Ball Larry
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 6/6/23 at 4:08 pm to <-- scammer
Posted by LSUglassman1
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Posted on 6/7/23 at 3:02 pm to
He tried getting me today
Posted by Stupak
Baton Rouge
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Posted on 6/8/23 at 12:56 pm to
Add connieray12ss to the Scammer list. Selling in sec 212.
Posted by rpg37
Ocean Springs, MS
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Posted on 6/23/23 at 8:38 pm to
Glover Pritt

Using multiple different Venmo names.

@ judybachleda
@ TODD18l7a

Avoid this scammer. His real name on Venmo is Miguel Alicia.

Claimed he has tickets for 202, row 3, seats 9-10 on all days.
Posted by Daisytiger
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Posted on 7/19/23 at 4:45 am to
I just got scammed! I sold tickets to someone on this board, they paid using PayPal G&S, after transferring tickets to them, they charged back now i don’t have the money or my ticket ??
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