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re: Will wade show.. basketball traditions

I commend Wade for trying to build the program. But all the marketing, promotions, new "traditions" won't mean shite if the team isn't winning.

I commend Wade for getting out in front of this now, in anticipation of building a winner.

Wade knew the entire program needed a "culture change" when he got here. It is easier for him to incorporate with his players because he can control what they do.

The fans are a different story. He can't physically go to 14000 people's houses and drag them to the game. I think Wade is seeing that the "culture change" is harder to affect with the fans. There is a very big generation of fans who have seen basketball as an afterthought on the way to baseball season.

I have been around long enough to have seen the good (Dale's great run), the bad (the end of Dale's run), the bad again (the beginning of Brady-Ball amidst draconian sanctions), the good again (the Brady Sweet 16/Final 4, then Johnson's 1st year), then the bad for the 7 or so years since. People will cheer on a winner, but we haven't had a consistent winner in ages.

What people forget is that in the 80's, there was almost NEVER a crowd of less than 10,000 in the PMAC. Most SEC games were sold out or almost so...and non-conference games drew 10-11K. This was all done with no promotion, no gimmicks, no give-aways, or any sort of marketing crap. The people showed up because LSU basketball was fun, and new people will come back IF LSU keeps winning.

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re: Will wade show.. basketball traditions

Maybe Wade can get some professors involved. Not schedule tests the next day on game day type stuff. Few Bonus points for going to games maybe.

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re: Will wade show.. basketball traditions
Deaf Dome meter. Fans in the seats. Student section full every game. Start there.

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