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Man oh man I’m disappointed in you. And I will get straight to the point he didn’t make a business decision. If we are undefeated he is playing the rest of the way so therefore he quit on the team.

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re: Marshall
Paw Patrol quit on us.

They said no job too big, no job to small. Image:

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re: Marshall
Wonder if he would have quit if LSU was undefeated ?

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re: Marshall
He would probably still be playing if we were playing for a championship or big bowl. So what?
in that event, the team would be playing as unit and all the players and coaches would be 100% IN.
That is not the case this year, as must be apparent.
If Devin White was looking at this level of disfunction at the player and coaching level, and the lack of commitment from both those levels, he might well ask whether it makes sense to risk his pro career for those not willing to fully commit to college.
Marshall did the right thing.

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re: Marshall
If we were undefeated, then we would have a team that could help his draft stock or at the very least keep it high. On this team he has two options with his draft stock. 1: his stock will go down because we have shite QBs and a shite Oline that can’t run easy plays. 2: he gets injured because the QBs are shite and can’t accurately throw the damn ball.

He has NOTHING to gain by staying on this shite show of a team.

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re: Marshall
This is dead on....If he has a 12 for 200 and 3 touchdown game against bama and ole miss. He still isn’t getting drafted ahead of chase, waddle or smith... It makes no sense to risk millions for a very little bit of morality at this point... These people are just being hyper emotional FANatics.. It they were his mom or dad and had something to gain they’d be begging him to sit out too...

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re: Marshall

If we were undefeated, then we would have a team that could help his draft stock or at the very least keep it high

Majority of the first round annually don’t play for “contenders” in college.

His draft stock is doing fine on a shitty team. 10 TDs in 7 games. He went for 100+ with a TD in a god awful offensive performance last week


2: he gets injured

Always a possibility, but can you name me the last LSU player to drop from the first round due to injury? I can name you one that dropped from an ex girlfriend being murdered, or another that lost his career due to a car accident (chad Jones). Seem like life is a risk, and football players have done just fine playing football.

Edit: and by the way and injury isn’t a career killer, or even necessarily a draft killer. I can think of multiple players going round 1 with torn ACLs (Gurley and Miss ST DL). I can also think of all pros after multiple ACL tears in the league, like Tyrann or AP

And did we forget Marshall had a gruesome high school injury, yet kept his 5 stars and offer from every major university. Should he have sat out his senior year of high school? Didn’t seem to matter. Was his college career or NFL earning potential derailed?

He quit, it was the easier thing to do. Simple as that. It was easier just to not play Bama / UF and get agent money 3 weeks earlier. It’s his life, his decision. But I won’t celebrate it or pretend it’s altruistic. It sets a bad example for the team and is a red flag to a GM.
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